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We empower women to travel solo.

The Solo Female Traveler Network

What's Inside

Everything solo female travel.ย 

We are a learning and culture-driven community created by female travelers for female travelers. Within every woman, there is a well-informed, smart, fun, sexy, badass solo female traveler. And we are passionate about providing the inspiration and practical tools to help each member express that part of herself.

Courses ย  โญ๏ธ ย Events ย  โญ๏ธ ย Community

Events. Both virtually and in real life (when it's safe to travel), we'll meet for happy hours, movie nights, travel chats, yoga sessions and hear from experienced specialists like winemakers, yoga practitioners, food bloggers, travel writers, psychologists, therapists, even medical practitioners - whatever you like! This is our space and we want to make sure everyone has some of what they love.

Courses. The best traveler is a well-informed one. Learn from experts teaching us everything from travel photography (including how to take a gorgeous selfie), travel writing, how to plan your first international trip, cooking delicious meals with limited resources, and so much more.ย 

Meetups. With a click of a button, you will be able to see who is in your city and be able to make plans to meet with much more safety assurance than Facebook.ย 

Control of your feed. Posts are organized by topic, so you can increase what you love to see and minimize what you don't without sacrificing any great content.ย 

Have your say. We have a special group inside for you to tell you want you want from your membership. We are always listening, evaluating what's best for the community, and implementing fresh new ideas.

Come join us for a safe space to be yourself, talk and learn about what you love, and connect with women who get it.

About Us

We are a team of passionate solo female travelers.

The Solo Female Traveler Network started on a hostel couch in Mexico in 2016. Our founder, Amanda, was sipping a cerveza around the corner when someone broke into her room and stole all her stuff. Everything ... except her dirty clothes. Stranded in Mexico with no money, no contacts, and suspicious hostel staff, she vowed that no other solo female traveler should ever feel as vulnerable as she did in that moment. So, she created a network for all solo female travelers to have:

๐Ÿ“ Support in every corner of the world
๐Ÿ“ A global community of brave, smart, strong women
๐Ÿ“ A space for empowerment, inspiration, and connection

Now we are 400k members strong on FB and offer Meetup Tours around the world featuring itineraries tailor made for women who travel solo.

Why You Should Join Us

We began as a Facebook group and are now the largest online community for women who travel solo. We even offer Meetup Tours to travel with fellow members around the world.ย 

Our group on FB is a great place to scroll for photos and stories and it will always be a special part of our community. But we wanted something more.

We wanted a space where a DM from a stranger isn't considered spam, where we can see who is in our same city and meet up with more safety assurance, and to create an environment of empowerment and learning.ย 

We want to help you become the most confident, informed, brave version of yourself.ย 

A membership with us goes way beyond Facebook.

Our Promise To You

We bring you the community you want.

New courses, experts, and events every month.ย There are always many new things to learn inside our Network, and we commit to finding fresh new things to learn every month. Plus, once a course or workshop is up, we don't take it down, so there are lots of topics to choose from at all times.ย 

No ads or manipulative algorithms.ย This is a spam-fee zone. No messages from trolls, no sneaky promotion, only content generated by and for our community. ย 

Privacy.ย What you post can only be seen by fellow members, and we don't share your information with anyone.ย 

Community support every day of the week.ย Our team is online all the time keeping it a welcoming, safe space. We have a group specifically for you to tell us what you love and what you want from our Network, because we want to make it a community you're proud to be a part of.

We can't wait to meet you inside!

โค๏ธ The SoFe Travel Team

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